CONNECT Online Courses

CONNECT in partnership with Quality Assist has developed a series of online courses that are self-paced and self-guided. These CEU / state training credit-granting courses will integrate CONNECT Modules’ rich content and innovative 5-Step Learning Cycle TM with Quality Assist's approach to engaging and interactive online learning. CONNECT modules and resources will continue to be available to support instructors while complementing these courses. All the courses are FREE until March 1, 2014.

Available Course

1. Foundations of Inclusion (0.1 CEU)
2. All, Some and a Few: Tiered Instruction (0.4 CEU)
3. Storybook Conversations (0.4 CEU)
4. Weaving Inclusion into Everyday Activities (0.5 CEU)
5. Adaptations That Work (0.5 CEU)
6. Communication for Professional Collaboration (0.25 CEU)
7. Smooth Moves: Program Transitions (0.5 CEU)
8. Better Together: Powerful Family Partnerships (0.25 CEU)